The Results of the UncommonGoods iPhone Case Design Challenge!

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a contest in which I was a semi-finalist.

I had submitted a design to an iPhone case design contest being held by UncommonGoods, and I was notified that my design was one of just 15 semi-finalists. When I got that email, I was just overjoyed. I’ve worked hard in my role as a mom, but also as an artist and the acknowledgment just felt great.

The public voting period lasted 8 days. That eight days was tough for me, I’ll tell you. While I sort of wish that I could have sat back hoped for the best, it’s just not in me. When I feel passion for something it consumes me, and I just hoped that everyone loved that design as much as I did.

I had my family to lean on, and also some close friends.

I felt self-conscious about posting it on Facebook often, but I was touched by the support from those around me. And not just because they knew me. People actually liked my design!

By the end of public voting, I felt good. I was in the top five, and my design moved on to the judges for a decision. Having made it this far was great. Now it was in the hands of UncommonGoods, and I felt good about that because I was completely powerless as to what would happen. And there was some comfort in that.

In the last 4.5 years of my life, I’ve had several great moments. Some of the greatest include:

  • Getting Clean
  • Meeting Mark
  • Getting Married
  • Having Olive
  • Getting Better after Having Olive
  • And Then…Getting That Call That I Won This Contest

I cried when I found out. Not just because I won. It just meant so much more than that.

To think that when I ordered my Mother’s Day gift from UncommonGoods just over a month ago that I’d be one of their newest artists…it’s just amazing.

People I don’t know liked my design. People I know liked it. I know that if sometime in the future, I spot it on someone’s iPhone somewhere, it’ll still feel as exciting and great as it does right now.

As an artist and photographer, it’s great to see my name out there, especially with a company that I love and respect.


And as an individual, it just makes me smile.

If you want to read more about me and my design, Computer iPhone, check out their blog here.




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